Introducing… is a new part of our church website in which will be giving you a chance to meet some of the members of the church, either through their written testimony, or in short video clips. We hope you will enjoy learning about out church family.

Colin Suter

“…I wasn’t born in to a Christian family, the only time my parents took us to Church was if there was a wedding, a funeral or a baptism…”,

But then something happened involving a sock! God works in mysterious ways.

Listen to Colin’s story.

Tim Tompkins

“…how come the Bible says God created light on day one, but didn’t create the Sun until day four? Where did the light come from?

…What was Noah’s wife’s name?

…Where is the donkey in the nativity story?”

Being Tim’s Sunday School teacher was no easy gig! Listen to his story.

Julie Mulhall

Julie Mulhall

“…There were a lot of rows and Mum drank a lot. Mum worked hard in bars and clubs but would often come home drunk…. On quite a few occasions when she came home I would run out of the house in the middle of the night, knock on a neighbour’s door…”.

Read Julie’s testimony