Mission Plan

Gleneagles Anglican Church is a growing congregation of about 140 adults with 30 children and teenagers with another 20 children attending our mid-week groups. Our Electoral Roll has grown from 42 in March 2007 to 136 in March 2017.  Our Vision, which we believe is based on God’s word to us, is to continue to grow and the constituent parts of our long term Mission Plan are based on an expectation of continued growth.

1 – To have a purpose built Church and Community Centre constructed. 

The land has been purchased and much work has been done in arriving at the stage where we were given Planning Consent in December 2013.  The new building includes a worship area to seat 300+, a multi-purpose hall, a large kitchen, a café/foyer area and various other rooms.  It is envisaged that such a building will facilitate our worship, will enhance our ministries that seek to serve the community and will be available for the use of community groups and local businesses, as well as the wider church.

2 – To develop all our existing ministries particularly those that serve our community.

3 – To develop new ministries that will serve the community and maximize our engagement with the community.

 4 – To develop pioneer ministries in the form of one or possibly more fresh expressions of church.

5 – To work in partnership with other agencies, sharing our facilities and resources, so that Gleneagles Anglican Church becomes a strong and active part of community life.

6 – To continue to grow spiritually and numerically so that within 2 years of moving into our new building, we are making full use of all the space and facilities available.

7 – To increase our staffing levels as the opportunity arises and resources can be found.



“Unless the Lord builds the house,  the builders labour in vain.”

                                                                                                                                    Psalm 127:1


Other than our faith in God, strengthened as He speaks to us and who is clearly building something significant amongst us at Gleneagles, we have several reasons to believe that the above plan is  credible and plausible.

  1. i) The example of other similar churches that have grown as described above in various parts of the UK. An example in our own locality is Christ the King Church in Kettering.

ii) Our current growth whilst meeting in a school hall.

iii) Plans to build 3000 homes adjacent to the Gleneagles Estate between 2017 and 2027, which will more than double the population of our parish.

iv) Significant increases in our giving and annual budget – £25000 in 2007 to £78000 in 2016, plus over £150,000 given to the Church Building Fund since November 2011.

v) The potential of both existing ministries and new ministries to grow and develop.

vi) Our current growing people resources.

vii) The growing partnership with Gleneagles Social Club / Vicarage Farm Social Club of which Rev Pereira is an active Committee Member.  The church continues to run events at the Social Club, including Wellitots.  The development of Gleneagles Community Action Group activities, events and projects where church and community are working together effectively.

                                                        And we know that God’s Got More!

VISION 2017 

This year we believe that, more than ever before, God is emphasizing to us the need to reach our community.

This will require some new things for us.

Our new Pioneer Curate, Ali Middleton, comes with a specific brief, to help us to develop ways of really getting alongside people in our community.  But Ali is only one person and she will need the help of many of us if we are going to really effectively reach our community.

There are three steps we are going to take:


Stop – Listen to God, each other and the community

This is the essential listening stage so that we can discern what specifically God is saying that we need to be doing.


Get ready – Allow God to challenge us in new ways

If we are genuinely and faithfully listening to God, then we have to be prepared to hear whatever He says

– there will be new challenges to do new things that we must be prepared to hear.


Go – be prepared to step out in faith.

Having heard and accepted God’s challenge we will need to be bold and brave enough to put our faith into action.

Let’s pray that God will help us in 2017 to find ways to reach many individuals and families in our community with love, support, care bringing the message of God’s love.