Grace McSharry – Fusion

Grace McSharry, International Student Linkup Developer - Fusion


Grace writes:


I am currently working for Fusion, a movement that’s passionate about student mission.  We do everything we can to connect students to their local churches, equip churches to work with students and train student workers.


My role within the team is connecting churches on an international level.  I have the privilege of chatting to international church leaders and getting them to sign up to Student Linkup.  This is such an important task, as up to 75% of church-going youth stop attending church when they go away to university and we reckon this figure is a lot worse in other countries.  My Italian friend Denise once said to me, “It would be a miracle to find a Christian friend at university.”


I cannot do this alone though.  The reason I am able to do this as a job is because I have people on “Team Grace” who have partnered with me financially and who encourage and pray for me.  Will you be part of my team too?  It could be that God wants you to partner in this vision with some of the resources God has given you.


To chat to me, to find out how to give, or to be put on the list for my updates, please drop me an email at grace.mcsharry@fusionmovement. org