Jimmy and Katia Rocks in Brazil

The Rocks Family  – Who Are They?

Jimmy and Katia Rocks are based in Florianopolis, Brazil. Jimmy and Katia met on a Mission trip in 2003 and married in 2006. They served as volunteers with the South American Mission Society.  In 2007 they moved to UK, where Jimmy trained for ordained ministry at the Church of England in Bristol. They have two young children, Joanna and Davi.  They are part of the Church Mission Society because of their emphasis on sharing Jesus with others and pioneering.

Their Mission:
To share Jesus with others, plant new churches and help others to do the same.

Our call: We are called to share the good news of Jesus and his kingdom, to make committed followers of Jesus and plant new churches that will impact the local community positively. We feel called to this with words, through demonstrations of the Holy Spirit’s power and serving the local community.







Dear friends,

We hope this finds you well. We are now coming to the end of another year, marking two and a half years since we moved to Brazil. As I write this, we are gearing up for Christmas as a church and looking ahead to next year. Church often feels like it’s in a holding pattern here until after carnival; often there’s a drop in attendance as the tourist season is upon us, the days are longer and some, whose livelihoods are tourist-dependent, are working more while others receive lots of visitors.

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Rocks Family Letter No. 10


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