Introducing... is a new part of our church website in which will be giving you a chance to meet some of the members of the church, either through their written testimony, or in short video clips. We hope you will enjoy learning about out church family.

Owen Benoy

".........God has also given us a vision for us to minister to the teachers, and with the God-given support from our Headmistress, we recently set up a short reflection time for them, accompanied by our worship, preaching and prayer for them. I have received numerous comments from teachers and the Headmistress herself, showing their gratitude for our actions...........Not only have we seen God’s miracles in growth, but also in healing........"

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Tim Tompkins

" come the Bible says God created light on day one, but didn't create the Sun until day four? Where did the light come from?
...What was Noah's wife's name?
...Where is the donkey in the nativity story?"
Being Tim's Sunday School teacher was no easy gig! Listen to his story.


John Mulhall

".........I was born into an Irish Catholic family who lived in West London. Actually, more accurately I was born to a young unmarried girl in Ireland who (I guess) was forced to give me up. The first official record of me is my baptism on the day after I was born in the church of one of the mother and baby homes run by nuns......"

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Julie Mulhall


".......My childhood for me did not hold many happy memories. There were some good times, but Mum and Dad didn't get along and that in itself caused me a lot of anxiety........."

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