Balancing Life by Tasha Krywald

Balancing Life  

Angels ask you to step forth, at the gates of The Lord
Where broken hearts are mended, with the touch of his mighty sword.
Where a child is blessed with fullness of their little mind,
And a Sinner leaves their woes, in a forgiving place behind.
You utter in amazement, words adding to golden peace.
A Fatherly hand holds yours, and fear begins to cease.
A scale stands before you, on one side a greater weight,
Brothers and Sisters, heart in heart, in awe of The Lord’s Gate.
Your head whirls, sin surrounds, your mind remembers life,
Worried upon your judgement, the Lord can’t overlook your strife.
“Forgive me” you proclaim, “For I have sinned, my Lord.”
“I have misplaced honesty, I have committed fraud.”
The Lord of Heaven chuckles, at the tremble in your voice.
“My child, you are still loved, for you have made the choice.”
“But Lord, I’ve spent my life in Sin, I did not show you faith.”
“My Lord I confess to you, I surely am not safe?”
And the Lord keeps on smiling, rejoicing of his Son.
“My child, your sin was repented, before your life begun.
I am a loving creature, I still have a holy heart,
My child, I give second chances, forgiveness is the start.
Talk to me as your friend, your Father and your guide,
I shall listen at any moment, I shall be by your side.
You only have to show me the same love I show for you,
But for the life that I have given, no recompense is due.
There is a space in heaven, for everyone upon the land.
You must just open up your heart, and let be what I have planned.
Now my child, open your eyes, be at one with the world I made.
Continue through my presence, never let my will fade.”

Tasha Krywald

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