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Grace McSharry, International Student Linkup Developer – Fusion

Grace’s most recent update is here:

Grace writes:

“I’m currently sat in a very full Fusion office. I mentioned in my last update that I’d been working in my church office, but Daniel’s work has recently been moved to Loughborough which gives me the great opportunity to be with my team every day. I’m so pleased, because there is a certain buzz in the air as I sit here. A new head of operations has started, a new admin assistant is on his third day with us, and a couple of colleagues from the York office have come to visit.

Snippets of conversation are happening around me about the Student Mission Awards, our summer stands, meetings with student workers, and most of all- fire. Fire is at the heart of Fusion’s vision for the year, as we feel we have turned a corner into a place where the foundations we are building in student ministry are ready to house a movement- a movement of students on fire for Jesus, their generation and the local church. The work we do is to see a move of God among the generation currently coming through university, and with that vision in mind, our events this year are going to be all about the fire. We have a prayer day in Oxford in March, Wildfires at the end of May, and our annual conference in September, this year named Firebrands. I would love for you to read what these events are about, and be a prayer warrior onside for Fusion as we balance building excitement with determination to focus on what God is doing. (and come if you want to!!)

January has been brilliant. I have found fresh energy for my role, especially as my responsibilities expand and my vision becomes sharper, and God downloaded a new batch of ideas to me on how to reach churches overseas. Please pray that this energy and this vision stick around, as whilst my role continues to develop, there are those undeniable moments where impatience and frustration can dominate. I am so thankful to be in a team where they are committed to seeing you grow and use your gifts effectively!

We also had our team retreat in January, which was a beautiful combination of laughing until I cried, deep chats, ridiculous team games, and brilliant teaching. It also saw one of the most beautiful times with God I have ever had, as what was supposed to be a brief group bible study spontaneously turned into a nearly 2-hour Holy Spirit encounter for the whole team, with prayer and prophecy at the core. This year as we pursue this vision of fire, I feel it deep down. God has really shifted me to simply “working in the right area”, to “reaching these generations matter so much my heart hurts.”

As always, thank you. I say it with every update, but that’s because every time without fail, I catch myself and realise that I’m sharing my life with a group of people I trust and who I know will pray and cheer me on. It is such an honour!”


Thank you so much!



A Little Background To Grace:


I am currently working for Fusion, a movement that’s passionate about student mission.  We do everything we can to connect students to their local churches, equip churches to work with students and train student workers.

My role within the team is connecting churches on an international level.  I have the privilege of chatting to international church leaders and getting them to sign up to Student Linkup.  This is such an important task, as up to 75% of church-going youth stop attending church when they go away to university and we reckon this figure is a lot worse in other countries.  My Italian friend Denise once said to me, “It would be a miracle to find a Christian friend at university.”

I cannot do this alone though.  The reason I am able to do this as a job is because I have people on “Team Grace” who have partnered with me financially and who encourage and pray for me.  Will you be part of my team too?  It could be that God wants you to partner in this vision with some of the resources God has given you.

To chat to me, to find out how to give, or to be put on the list for my updates, please drop me an email at grace.mcsharry@fusionmovement. org

What verse are you holding onto at the moment? Romans 12:12 has been mine for a while: Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.