Gleneagles Church News For The Week Commencing 14th September 2019

Did you know that individual prayer is available after each Sunday morning service?
Just make your way to the seating area in the foyer where a member of the Prayer Team will be waiting to pray with you.


Additionally, Churches Together Prayer Meetings at Nations at 8pm each Monday evening are open to everyone.


New Parish Giving Scheme

Thank you to all the people who have completed and sent off their direct debit forms for the new Parish Giving Scheme, and if you haven’t completed yours yet, could we encourage you to do this as soon as possible.
Can we also please remind you that once your standing order has been paid in September, you need to cancel this with your bank/building society, as the new Parish Giving Scheme for general giving starts from 1st October 2019

Melvyn is now away on holiday until Tuesday 24 September.  In his absence please contact:


Christmas at the Daylight Centre

We are looking for volunteers who will be happy to organise and serve the Christmas lunch at the Daylight Centre this year.  It would be brilliant if someone could volunteer to oversee the event, meet with Viv Adams to find out what has to be done and then lead a small team.  If you can help or indeed lead the team please let me know by replying to this email.  Many thanks.  Sue


Dates for your diary

Freedom in Christ Course

The course will run for 10 weeks on Wednesdays from 9 – 11 am beginning on 25 September (excluding 30 October, which is half term).   The Steps to Freedom day will be on Saturday 16 November from 9 am – 3 pm.

Venue: Hope Church, Guillemot Lane, Wellingborough NN8 4UH
Dates:   25 Sept; 2, 9, 16 and 23 October, 6, 13, 20, 27 November and 4 December


Dates for the coming week

Thursday 12 September

1.30 pm        Wellitots at Gleneagles Social Club

Friday 13 September

8 pm             Men’s 5-a-side Football at Redwell Leisure Centre

Sunday 15 September

10.30 am      Morning Service – Hebrews (6) A Sabbath-rest for the people of God (Hebrews 2:5-18)
6.30 pm        Sunday Youth Group at the Odendaals, 5 Ashby Close NN8 5FH

Monday 16 September

10.30 am      Monday Ladies’ Group at Margaret’s, 2 Trent Close
7.30 pm        Home Group at the Cracknells, 26 Medway Drive NN8 5XT

Tuesday 17 September

11 am           Prayer for the building and building church life – at the home of the Spriggs, 22 Crawley Avenue

Thursday 19 September

1.30 pm        Wellitots at Gleneagles Social Club

Friday 20 September

8 pm             Men’s 5-a-side Football at Redwell Leisure Centre

Saturday 21 September

8 am             Prayer Together at 11 Torrington Road


Don’t forget your Feedback, Suggestions and Prayer Needs

There’s a box in church where you can post your feedback, or suggestion or prayer request.