Notices For The Coming Week November 25th



News for the week beginning Sunday 25 November 2018

** Family Event ** – Come and meet our Mission Partners from Brazil and join everyone for a church family lunch.   The Rocks family – Jimmy and Katia and their children Joanna and Davi, will be visiting us on Sunday 13 January.  After the service a hot lunch (which will include an agape meal) will be served (£3 per adult and children free).  This is a great opportunity to find out more from Jimmy and Katia and hear what they’re doing in Brazil.  Please put the date in your diary and there will be a sign up sheet for the lunch in church soon.

Make your shopping count!
Help the building fund along – if you are shopping for Christmas (or any other occasion!) on line please remember to go through the ‘Giving Machine’ portal.  Chris writes:

  • eBay Sales – Our eBay Sales run by Jane & Gordon have now reached £3,107!!!  That is fantastic – a BIG WELL DONE & THANKS to Jane & Gordon.
  • Jane says that Pre-Christmas is a good time to put things on eBay – especially clothing items. So, have a rummage and see what can be sold and thanks for all that has been and is given for eBay Sales.
  • Giving Machine – This has now raised £1,338 – so by just using the Giving Machine to do your on-line shopping we have raised all that. I find it absolutely amazing how all these 10p, 30p & 70p’s (sometimes higher for things like white goods) etc have mounted up over the 3 – 4 years we’ve been using Giving Machine. We’d like to encourage you use Giving Machine especially as we start to look towards Christmas. If you are new to the idea check out the Giving Machine website.
  • We have 85 people on Giving Machine that have used the site and linked to The Building Project although there are currently only 6 Regular Users. It would be great to get that number back up again.   Thanks.

Carol Singing – a date for your diary
This year our carol singing and giving out of ‘goody bags’ will be on Saturday 15 December – meet at 4.45 pm at the Medical Centre and end at about 6.30 pm.  Afterwards at the Cracknells for mince pies and mulled wine.  Singers and people to knock on doors will be needed.  There’s a sign up sheet in church and donations of Heroes or Celebrations for the goody bags would be very welcome.

Christmas at the Daylight Centre
Mark and Arleen are again organising the Daylight Centre Christmas dinner for homeless and vulnerable people, and would be grateful for donations towards this. The sign up sheet that worked well last year will be in place again from next Sunday and Mark will be on hand and happy to answer any questions.
Please could you look out for this and start to think about what you might like to donate, gifts or food are very much appreciated.  Thank you.

Jess Willis is home now and would welcome visitors.  But please phone first, thank you!

Dates for the coming week

Sunday 25 November – DBS Sunday
9.45 am         Prayer before the service
10.30 am       Morning service – (5) Relationship with myself
6 pm               Sunday Group for Allcomers at the Rowells, 28 Abbots Way
6.30 pm         Sunday Youth Group at the Benoys, 56 Hatton Park Road
Monday 26 November
10.30 am       Monday Ladies’ Group at Pauline’s, 124 Gannet Lane
7.30 pm         PCC Meeting
Tuesday 27 November
11 am            Prayer for the building and building church life – at the Spriggs, 22 Crawley Avenue
Wednesday 28 November
9 am             Wednesday Ladies’ Group at 11 Torrington Road
Thursday 29 November
1.30 pm         Wellitots at Gleneagles Social Club
6-7.30 pm      Ignite Club – Meet at Redwell School Sports Hall
Friday 30 November                                                                                                                                              8 pm              Men’s 5-a-side Football at Redwell Leisure Centre

Coming Up
Saturday 15 December
4.45 pm      Carol singing – meet at the Medical Centre
Sunday 13 January
Visit by the Rocks family and Church Family Lunch                                                                                   Saturday 26 January
“One Love” – a Christian Conference to encourage and equip women in the East Midlands.  9.15 am to 4.30 pm at Kettering Buccleuch Academy, Weekly Glebe Road, Kettering NN16 9NS.  ‘We long for unity in the church, in our friendships and sometimes sadly we miss the mark.  Come and join us to explore our God’s love of unity, expressed in precious anointing oil (Psalm 133).’  Guest speaker Revd Canon Kate Wharton.  Visit for tickets, which are £18 plus a small booking fee.

We want your Feedback, Suggestions and Prayer Needs
Look out for the box in church where you can post your feedback, or suggestion or prayer request.

If you have any items for the Notices please let me have details as soon as you know about them so I have them well in advance.  And in any case by the Tuesday of each week.  Thank you! 

Sue Suter (01234 881687)