Daylight Centre

The Daylight Centre – Who Are They?                  

The Daylight Centre Fellowship (DCF) is an independent local charity. They strive to help the people of Wellingborough and the surrounding districts in meeting personal challenges that range from mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, learning difficulties, to homelessness or just feeling fragile, isolated and alone. They provide an important level of support within our local community.
They help to fill some of the gaps in time and space, offering the time to talk and be listened to and a space that is welcoming, clean, comfortable, inexpensive and non-judgemental.
The Centre also offers a Foodbank, which is a core service for those who need it. We have a donation box for the Foodbank in our church making it easy for members to pop items in to donate.                               Jane Bell is our Daylight Centre representative in the church.
The Daylight Centres vision is that all members of our society will be valued, and know they are valued, and are able to access the support and services they need to achieve this.
                                                                                      Their Mission:                                                                                                    Their mission is to offer time, space and practical guidance to people that enables them to tackle the problems that limit their quality of life. 

The centre’s opening times are Monday to Thursday from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm