PCC Meeting Minutes


Minutes of the PCC Meetings held via Zoom on Monday 18th January 2021 and Monday 1st February 2021


Minutes of the PCC Meeting

held via Zoom on Monday 18 January 2021


1   The meeting opened at 19.35 with a reading from Psalm 34: 1-6 followed by prayer.  
2   Attendance  
    Online: Dawn Airey (Chair), Chris Gledhill, Carolyn Beck, Jeremy Bullock, Helen Cracknell, David Downey, Heidi Ellson, Elizabeth Holbrook, , Maria Seaman, and Fiona Clarke (Secretary).

Apologies: N/A.

3   Previous Minutes  
    The Minutes of the Meeting held on 16 November 2020 were agreed unanimously.  
4   Matters Arising  


Ministry Leadership Reports – DA to liaise with FC re obtaining the reports before each PCC meeting.

APCM – will need to be discussed at a later date - Deadline is now 31st May 2021.




5   Ministry Leadership Team Reports  














Prayer – Nothing to report.

Pastoral Care – Not contacting people as often. Concerns were raised over people being missed but there are few who have not attended services recently and EH will liaise with DA to advise who they are so that DA can contact them and ensure that they are well.

Friendship Group – Electronic Christmas Cards were sent but few replies. Currently not meeting.

Children’s Work – Nothing to report. No current leader but a high priority for the Church. DA is looking into this and will have a meeting with the Diocesan Youth Worker and Deanery Youth Worker. There is a need to liaise with other children’s teams and look at the Online Gaming Church for fresh ideas. Also to ask in Church if anyone has an interest in helping in this area, subject to the standard checks and DBS.

Youth – Reboot – Nothing to report. As children’s work. Need to check if MH has her DBS for her to be involved.

Mission/Evangelism – Nothing to report.

Friendship – Homegroups – Nothing to report.

 Worship – Nothing to report.












6   Parish Boundary  
    DA screen shared a map showing the existing Parish boundary – (See Appendix 1).

The area is divided into four quadrants:

o    The top left quadrant (1) is where the new development for Glenvale will be built over the next 10 years.

o    The top right quadrant (2) is to remain with Great Harrowden Parish.

o    The bottom two quadrants (3 and 4) are covered by Gleneagles Anglican Church Parish at present.

§   Currently the boundary is up to the brook (Green line).

§   239 new houses are to be built within this.

DA is suggesting to the Archdeacon that we take over quadrant 1.

o    Great Harrowden do not have the resources to cover it.

§   Great Harrowden already covers several Parishes.

§   Their vicar is leaving and has intimated that they cannot take it on, although there is a possibility that their new vicar will want to work with us in the quadrant.

o    Some of the houses that will be in the quadrant will already be in our Parish.

o    One of the new schools to be constructed (planned ready for September 2022) will be close to our boundary.

§   A bid will be made to make it a church school and the result will be known by October 2021.

§   Even if it does not become a church school it would still be an asset and we may be able to use the building.

§   If it becomes a church school, HC advises that Foundation Governors would be needed to set it up as such.

If we gain quadrant 1 we would be caretakers of three of the four quadrants.

o    DA does not wish to put in a bid for quadrant 4 at this time, partly so that we are not overburdened or overstretched. However, it may become an option in a few years once she has settled into her new role and any changes have been embedded.

o    A possible phased aspiration to start with assimilating quadrant 1 and eventually to extend the Parish to incorporate all of the quadrants as a cohesive unit, possibly in five years after a review.

We need to think about the responsibilities as well as the opportunities/ benefits. However, we need to be careful of not losing the opportunity of early contact with the new community – the first residents are expected to be in possibly in June 2021.

It was suggested that, if the church bought one of the new houses, it could be used for outreach work, training etc. and for possibly housing a new curate.

DA advises that there is a house at Landseer that was used for curates and that, rather than renting it out, a proposal could be made to sell it and to purchase a house on the new estate instead. However, she did point out that a new incumbent is usually in place for 18 months before a curate could be considered for the church.

If we don’t change the boundary nothing will happen.

7   Finance  




Treasurers Report – The Church managed to pay its Parish Share in full and left a surplus moving forward.

Budget – CG proposed that the budget is accepted. Seconded by CB and all were unanimous.

Stewardship Sunday – will be later this year on 18th April 2021.






8   Social Media  
    It was agreed that the church needs a Social Media Presence but it needs someone with more knowledge of Social Media to administer this important area. A comment was made that there are too many people as administrators to the Facebook page and someone needs to oversee it. We currently have a Facebook Page, a Facebook Group Page, a YouTu.be Channel, and someone is looking at an Instagram account.

It was felt that there may need to be several people looking after each media platform according to age ranges and types of media but it would need to be people who are willing to do it and who have the time to maintain it.

It was noted that maybe we are trying to be more professional than we need to be as a voluntary organisation. However, others felt that we need to be ambitious and confirm that two people have been known to join the church because of what we are doing on Facebook.

It was believed that training would help and DA is to look into whether the Diocese does Social Media training. She will also enquire as to whether someone could liaise with CG for one to one training in the meantime.

If God wants us to use Social Media He will provide the necessary people, skillsets and opportunities.









9   Safeguarding Report  
    We still need a Safeguarding Officer and this is very important. A lot of people have already been asked but no-one was willing to take on the role. Having just taken over as Vicar, DA does not yet know which people may be suitable for her to approach but she is happy to do so if she receives any suggestions. All PCC members to send any such suggestions to DA. In the meantime, VB is still processing the DBS’s.

DA will work on a job description for the role and check existing files. She will also contact AB to determine if she is able to take on some of the admin tasks.

Guidelines re Safeguarding Training –

Church Wardens need to do C0 and C1 online – update every 3 years.

PCC members need to do C0 online – update every 3 years.

There should be a record of what training everyone has done to date. VB kept this previously. Before Lockdown, EH and AB were going to look at a Passport System that keeps track of it.

Anyone who hasn’t already done it needs to do the training relevant to their role and send confirmation to DA.









10   Churches Together in Wellingborough and Deanery Synod  
    Deanery Synod

Now has a new Secretary.

Prayer for Christian Unity this week (W/C 18/1/2021) CB and HC are the Deanery Synod representatives.

Before Lockdown the Deanery Synod had a Zoom meeting and noted in their meeting minutes that MS was happy to speak to the meeting about the Homeless and Street Church. However, no date has been set for this. CB to monitor.

Churches Together

DA will liaise with Churches Together.







11   The Vision Process  
    PCC members were to have watched a video and read through the process document before the meeting.

Timing: It was felt that the timing was challenging but necessary.

All agreed that the design of the survey is important:

Delivery: To church leaders, congregation, fringe groups, church partners, small number of people in the community.

JB agreed to work on the methodology and to write a basic outline of what needs doing.

Additional meetings to check the various stages and progress -  MLT and PCC members:

§   Monday 26/4/2021 at 19.30 – Zoom.

§   Saturday 22/5/2021 - Away Day.

§   Monday 21/6/2021 at 19.30 – Zoom meeting to agree the final Vision Statement.

§   Saturday 10/7/2021 approx. 09.00 – 13.00 – Half day to agree on priorities and the strategy for achieving the vision.

The church needs to back the process and to pray on it.

Ultimately it will be Dawn and the PCC who make the decisions.
















12   New Wine Leadership conference – 15th to 17th March 2021.

Not compulsory but recommended.

Main sessions are morning and evening plus seminars.

Book as individuals £55.00 each but discounted to £45.00 each if more than five book together.

DA will send more information once she receives it.






13   PCC Questions to Dawn – None forthcoming.  
14   Date of next meeting – Monday 8th March at 19.30.  
15   The meeting closed at 21.45 with prayer.  


Minutes of a Special PCC Meeting

held via Zoom on Monday 1st February 2021


1   The meeting opened at 18:15 with prayer.  
2   Attendance  
    ·         Online: Dawn Airey (Chair), Chris Gledhill, Carolyn Beck, Jeremy Bullock, Helen Cracknell, David Downey, Heidi Ellson (via telephone), Elizabeth Holbrook, and Maria Seaman.

·         Apologies: N/A.

3   Reason for meeting - Parish Administrator (PA)  
    Circulating a job description of Parish Administrator has been considered as the post has not yet been filled, and the work has been done by the Wardens and Vicar since the previous administrator stepped down. That is not sustainable.

CG has decided to step down from being Warden by end of April or earlier if necessary. Words of thanks & appreciation for his service were expressed. There will be a need to find a replacement Warden, but someone will also need to undertake the administrative duties that he has been fulfilling in the absence of a PA.

The role of PA is for approximately six hours a week. Ideally it would be a voluntary position, but a paid role may have to be considered if someone does not come forward and several people have been asked and refused.

The job requires quite a degree of confidentiality, because of some of the files that might be seen.

If the need arises for it to be a paid position an appeal to the church to give more money may be needed. This may need to also pay for a laptop/computer for this person which are additional expenses on top of a salary. There is also the potential for additional money being needed if we are wanting a youth/children’s worker.

One option is to say give some money or some time. However, when we have asked for money in the past then people have given generously but time does seem to be a bit limited.

There is an urgency to fill the post as people who have taken on parts of the role to help out are no longer able to do so.

Having a PA at 6 hrs a week is imperative to create a solid foundation that’s well organised and well-structured, to facilitate all the other things we want we want to do, and from there the church can build. We need to free up the people who have been helping to do the things they are more suited to.

DA proposed two options: Option 1 - to be firmer with the church and ask for a volunteer; Option 2 – go straight for advertising but with a firm message to the church that we are having to advertise this because no one has stepped forward in the few months -18 months. All were in favour of option 2.

DA then proposed to opt for a paid PA. CG seconded. All in agreement except MS.


The position will need to be advertised correctly following Safer Recruiting Guidelines and advertised within the church first.

DA and HC to discuss the practicalities of paying salary etc.































    The meeting was closed with prayer at 19.13  





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