Who Are They?

Nations has been in existence for nearly fifteen years.
There are two UK bases: one in Llanelli, South Wales and one in Wellingborough.

Dan Hulland works full time with Nations, and is a member of our church at Gleneagles. Dan’s particular connection is to Nations en Marche (NEM), a thriving mission movement in French-speaking Central African Republic, one of the poorest countries in the world, which has long been suffering from political unrest. Dan has occasional short visits there, and teaches at a mission training school during his stay.

Young missionaries are graduating from there and they carry out impressive  work in strongly Muslim areas of the country and among the Pygmies (a particularly oppressed group).

Nations in Wellingborough also runs a small English language school with mostly South Korean students.
Gleneagles church members have been actively involved in the work of Nations, both in the office and helping with the English teaching.

Nation’s Mission

To aid in the growth and development of indigenous, self-sustaining mission movements in non-Western countries, working with churches, groups and leaders on the ground who have the vision to train and send their own missionaries to areas still unreached by the gospel.

 In NE India, one of our most encouraging connections is with New Life Ministry (NLM) in Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya state. Shillong is a centre of education for the different states of NE India, and NLM has been working with students, and young people in particular, over the last 40 years. Nelson Kro (30), originally from Assam and the assistant leader of NLM, recently had a year of training with us at the Nations base in Wellingborough, forming a firm friendship with Larry (Lawrence) Benoy during that time. Last summer, Larry went to join Nelson in Shillong for some weeks, helping with worship leading and the ministry to students. Robert Chirgwin, the Nations Wellingborough team leader, also made a prolonged visit to India over the summer, a detailed account of which can be found on pp 8-9 of the latest Lifelines magazine (Winter 2018).

NE India borders Bangladesh where Bob Cutler worked for many years also in student ministry, and interestingly enough, in the course of his latest visit back there, Bob also got to spend a few days in Shillong (see bottom of his article on page 7 of the same issue of Lifelines).

In the Central African Republic the Nations en Marche (NEM) mission movement continues to do a remarkable work of church-planting among Pygmies in forest areas and seeing Muslims in other people groups come to Christ, get baptised and be discipled.  This, in the face of severe difficulties and dangers caused by political unrest.  Nations tries to support, encourage and keep people around the world informed.  Please pray for a return to peace and stability. Pastor A, the founder and overall leader of NEM, is about to tour the interior of the country.  Please pray for protection, health and strength for him and his team as they travel in often challenging conditions to bring encouragement, teaching and training.

Please could you pray for some volunteers to become available to help out at the Nations base in Oxford Street, Wellingborough, for example with the book-keeping and also maintenance jobs around the building. A few hours a week could make a big difference.

For more info contact Nations  15 Oxford Street, Wellingborough, NN8 4HY
Tel. 01933 223454        E-mail :