We have a couple of homegroups meeting on zoom at the moment.  

A homegroup is a group of church members who meet together regularly, usually in the home of one of the members but currently online via Zoom.  Our meetings typically consist of chat, coffee, biscuits, Bible study/discussion, prayer and more chat.  There is no expectation put upon anyone to participate in any particular way – if you want to come and relax, listen and learn, that’s fine, you will be very welcome.  There are variations to the programme including occasional social get-togethers.

The groups exist for your benefit.  Belonging to a homegroup helps us:

  • to grow our relationships with each other,
  • to give and receive care and support to and from each other,
  • to pray for each other,
  • to learn more about and grow closer to God.

Home group curry night

All in the context of a very good time had by all!                                       

Our  Homegroups:

  • Mondays 7.30pm – currently on Zoom – usually held at 3 White Delves
    • Leader – Elizabeth Holbrook
  •  Wednesdays 7.30pm – currently on Zoom – usually held at 16 Ashby Close
    •  Leaders – Carl and Liz Willis


If you would like to come or would like to know more please speak to any of the leaders named above or contact
Dawn – (01933 673324) – vicar@gleneaglesanglicanchurch.co.uk 

Thank you.